On the side of my uncle's motorbike, in N city. Honda BENLY SPORT CS92, 125cc which has ridden by GEKKO KAMEN old movie star.

Riding on Kawasaki Z250FT which equipped custom sheet of Mr.BIKE, 2 in 1 muffler of BEET, clip-on handles, and back steps. At A art university.

Tried running to make the "picture scene" with my friends. Shooting in 8 mm film. At Y dam lake roundabout road.

Riding with hang off. This is an image printed from 8 mm film. At winding road of same Y dam lake roundabout road.

Riding on Z250FT which equipped AR80's bikini cowl & FRP front fender. Helmet is original paint of myself. At Green Road.

Attached custom seat and swallow handle to Honda CB250RS-Z. in M town.

It was pleasant to run up this slope with Honda CB750FA. On the road to A Agricultural Experiment Station.

Changing the exterior of CB750FA to FC specification. And dressing up with racing suit and boot as well. At Y dam lake roundabout road.

CB-F of 19 inch front tire. I used to cornering with countersteering, but after all couldn't ride on well. At the gallery corner of Y dam lake roundabout road.

Harley-Davidson FXR super glide. It was 1.38 million yen on a new. Only a monochrome photography had left. Getting off motorbikes in 1988 after this. at my garden in M district.


May 2004
Due to purchasing Honda NSR250R 1988 Tera-color by Yahoo auction, I returned to rider. Then began thinking just only to how can deeply lean it. Shot in July 2011.

November 2005
Purchased Honda NSR250R SP 1988 Rothmans in Yahoo auction as a spare. Repairing that secondhand motorbike and starting to upload data to the internet. Shot in June 2010.

October 2006
With Yamaha TZR50R 1993 SP specification, Started to participating in a mini bike 3 hour endurance race twice a year. Continue until autumn 2011. Shot in November 2006, at A circuit.

January 2007
Purchased F3 racer of NSR250R SP 1990. Repaired it and started to practice in earnest on a circuit. In June 2012, at mini circuit in G city.

September 2007
Got Honda DJ-1R for practicing in off - season. Addicted to power-up tune and wheelie. In March 2009 at T shrine parking lot.

May 2009
Purchased former Honda Flagship, VF1000R. Mostly rode at only around home. This photo is one scene of rare petit touring. Shot in April 2012.

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